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Elevate Your Events with Live-Streaming!

In today’s digital age, live-streaming has revolutionized the way we connect, share, and experience events. The benefits are vast: from reaching a global audience to offering flexible viewing options and even reducing event costs. But here’s the catch – a live-streamed event doesn’t have to feel distant or impersonal. In fact, with the right touch, it can be just as engaging, if not more, than a traditional event.

At Distill Media, we believe in the power of live-streaming that captivates. We’re not just talking about a camera and an internet connection. We’re talking about a meticulously crafted broadcast that resonates. Think impeccable lighting that sets the mood, crystal-clear audio that captures every nuance, diverse camera angles that offer dynamic perspectives, and a seamless flow that keeps viewers hooked.

With over a decade of expertise in live-streaming, we’ve transformed countless events into memorable virtual experiences. Our commitment? Ensuring that when you choose Distill Media for your next event, you’re not just going live – you’re going live with impact. Dive into the future of events, where boundaries blur, and everyone, everywhere gets a front-row seat.

Perfect for:

  • Global Product Launches: Reach audiences worldwide in real-time.
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions: Engage directly with your audience.
  • Corporate Conferences: Connect teams across continents seamlessly.
  • Educational Workshops: Share knowledge without geographical constraints.
  • Music & Art Performances: Bring the stage directly to fans’ homes.
  • Charity & Fundraising Events: Amplify your cause to a broader audience.

The world is your audience.


Choose your streaming platform! We have the ability to take your broadcast and export it live to literally any streaming platform you’d like, including embedding it on your own website.

If your event requires users to purchase a ticket through Eventbrite, we can embed the stream behind the Eventbrite paywall so only the right guests can view the stream. We can also take your stream and send it out to video conferencing software like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

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